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Looking for insipring writers around the world :) 
12:52am 14/06/2008

Hi thereJ


Hope you’re ok J

I’m looking for a some enthusiastic people out there who want to do some good in the world! Read on if you’re interested J


I don’t know about you, but I constantly find that today’s newspapers and news channels seem to only portray the bad things happening around us, leaving out little bits sunshine. So me together with a friend of mine decided to try and take things into our hands and come up with WINK – which practically stands for World INClusiveness. 

So what is this ? J


- A short, monthly newspaper which does not tackle the mainstream news

- Its articles seek to promote goodwill, tolerance and right human relations

- It strongly tries to put environmental problems and their solutions into the spotlight

- It seeks to motivate people by making them realize that the world is truly a place worth living in and by shedding some light on people and initiatives worldwide that are contributing for a better world.


But obviously this isn’t something we can do alone so we have set out to try and find anyone who is like-minded and just as enthusiatiic.

We are not searching for main-strem types of articles. We want to focus on what is real and inspiring or thought-provoking issues.

If you’ve ever read something from http://www.realitysandwich.com/ then you know what I mean J


Anyone interested just send us an email with your article on project.wink@gmail.com  JJ


We look forward to hear from you soonJ

 Simone xx



Want to Make A Difference? Plant a Tree 
09:00am 08/10/2004
  Kenyan Deputy Environment Minister Wangari Muta Maathai Wins Nobel Peace Prize for Planting Trees.

I am overwhelmed with glee about this story. I've been using the mantra :::want to make a difference? plant a tree::: on my stationary, checks and e-mail signatures for years, so I'm glad to see that someone has won the Nobel Peace Prize for planting trees. See, you can make a difference.

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What are you doing to make the world a better place?


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03:05pm 09/09/2004
  bush is scary vote for kerry!

yeah. this will probably be the last update because no one updates this thing...so i figure anyone who comes across this will get an extra encouragement to do what's right. ;)

unless it's like the 2008 elections and we're re-electing kerry ;) ;)

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let us pray. 
01:18pm 09/07/2004
  just a thought, but i'm reading this book - a prayer for owen meany - and he talks about how many protestors there were for vietnam, and how nowadays (or thenadays since he is speaking from the 80's) no one gives a shit about it. and he says that if the u.s. were in fact drafting people would care, because they would be in danger. and i have to agree.

everyone hates iraq. how many enlist knowing they have that chance of going there? yet how many people go nuts and make a huge deal like people did back then? it seems as much as people are opposed to war, it's only serious when their ass is in danger. it doesn't matter so much about those others dying it's all about them. and, of course, those who join because it's the cool thing to do, and it's "fun" to them.

people are ridiculous.

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12:36pm 07/07/2004
  I'm glad Kerry picked Edwards to be his running mate. Back when everyone was still in the race, I liked Edwards the most. I like how, as a lawyer, he defended the little guys and took on the big corporations. He seems to genuinely care about people and that's the kind of leader we should have.

Check out http://www.aclu.org. It's the website for the American Civil Liberties Union. You can read about bills that could possibly infringe upon our freedom and they send emails to your congressmen and women for you. It's a cool site.


just a hint of hope 
11:56pm 06/07/2004

not the most gorgeous i'm sure, especially if your computer colors are right - unlike mine. i don't know the text colors, hopefully it isn't too scary?

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how to use our GORGEOUS buttons so you can whore:

<*a href=http://www.livejournal.com/~taking_my_stand*><*img src=http://img13.photobucket.com/albums/v38/havalolipop142/taking%20my%20stand/dove.jpg"border=0*><*/a*>

that would be the dove + pinkies

<*a href="http://www.livejournal.com/~taking_my_stand"*><*img src="http://img13.photobucket.com/albums/v38/havalolipop142/taking%20my%20stand/demovrepub.jpg"border=0*><*/a*>


whore anonymous or with pride i don't care, but we need some ACTION!

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06:33pm 05/07/2004
  i have no rage, no political angst or anything, right now, at this moment i am mellow - in terms of those areas. however it still upsets me that our little community sucks so bad. it embarasses me to think of those who stumble upon it.

i've whored a couple times, someone want to spread el word-o? maybe i should make some buttons for us? and i need to add in some interests in the info, anyone have any ideas of what i should list??



Kerry For President! 
11:40pm 01/07/2004
  I want anyone but Bush to win the presidency. So I'm going to vote for the person most likely to beat him. And that person is John Kerry.

I'm so upset after seeing Fahrenheit 9/11. My friend pointed out an article called Unfahrenheit 9/11. And I actually read the whole thing after I saw the movie. I couldn't finish it the first time I read it because it was so boring. The guy uses all these big words so he sounds smart and I hate when people do that. No where does he disprove any fact stated in Moore's documentary.

I loved reading the comments people wrote about the article. My favorite one is here.

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11:30am 01/07/2004
mood: cranky
doesn't anyone have anything to say?

has anyone even been whoring?

this community is going to die out pretty fast...that's just about all i have to say.


hello? anyone out there? 
01:17pm 25/06/2004
mood: annoyed
alright, as MOD of our community, i suggest we whore around our fabulous-ness.
<*lj comm="taking_my_stand"*> take out the *'s and you have our nice little community link.

and maybe someone other than me could say something in here once in awhile...so i dont look alone on the issues perhaps?

anyhow, Dawn, i agree we all have to go see farranheit 9/11 - not 911 - yes the director was on the daily show (ron stewart you know the whole shebang) anyway it definately is down our alley.

also, last night i had a though about some things...such as laws that take away our rights etc. and i figured, maybe this will get some people to start saying something in here? maybe not? well here goes...

it's driving me nuts that everywhere we turn there's a new law that's keeping us from doing something we want to do, we're known for our independence so what's happening to it? it's slowly slipping away into nothingness with every act they make to ban this and ban that. i think i started thinking about this because i saw the jay-z video with that little new announcement about him being gunned down in the end, and guns aren't allowed on TV, why not? everyone is so closed minded, and they don't want their kids seeing this and that, and it's making their kids naive and ignorant to the world around them anyway, which in my opinion is worse. and cigarette taxes are 75 cents too, i mean, i understand that they're horrible for us, but we are educated about it five million times and raising the prices isn't ending the addiction, it's driving the people into poverty, people in poverty waste their money on cigarettes for christ sakes! and everytime i see these stupid reports about iraq i get so irate, we're trying to help them? why don't we go aid all the third world countries with all the disease and starvation before we go take over rich countries for their oil. geez louise.

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Make yourselves useful... 
01:55am 21/06/2004
mood: accomplished
I've found some neat volunteer programs...


ok, well, this is for the detroit zoo, since that's near me, but you can adopt an animal from just about any zoo i'd say.


RESULTS helps fight poverty, mostly by writing letters to congress etc.


you can go there to find volunteer work in your area.

I'm going to help with kids and senior citizens - well possibly not the senior citizens because i'm pretty sure that you have to be older to go visit them there.



those are the signup thankyous.

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02:22pm 20/06/2004
  Hi, I'm Stephni the Moderator, I've just created this community after me and some of my friends had this deep discussion about all these problems in the world that bother us. This community is going to be for people to come up with ways we can all make a difference, tell ways you're making a difference to inspire others, have political arguments if they choose, and just vent whatever is on their mind about today's society.