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hello? anyone out there?

alright, as MOD of our community, i suggest we whore around our fabulous-ness.
<*lj comm="taking_my_stand"*> take out the *'s and you have our nice little community link.

and maybe someone other than me could say something in here once in awhile...so i dont look alone on the issues perhaps?

anyhow, Dawn, i agree we all have to go see farranheit 9/11 - not 911 - yes the director was on the daily show (ron stewart you know the whole shebang) anyway it definately is down our alley.

also, last night i had a though about some things...such as laws that take away our rights etc. and i figured, maybe this will get some people to start saying something in here? maybe not? well here goes...

it's driving me nuts that everywhere we turn there's a new law that's keeping us from doing something we want to do, we're known for our independence so what's happening to it? it's slowly slipping away into nothingness with every act they make to ban this and ban that. i think i started thinking about this because i saw the jay-z video with that little new announcement about him being gunned down in the end, and guns aren't allowed on TV, why not? everyone is so closed minded, and they don't want their kids seeing this and that, and it's making their kids naive and ignorant to the world around them anyway, which in my opinion is worse. and cigarette taxes are 75 cents too, i mean, i understand that they're horrible for us, but we are educated about it five million times and raising the prices isn't ending the addiction, it's driving the people into poverty, people in poverty waste their money on cigarettes for christ sakes! and everytime i see these stupid reports about iraq i get so irate, we're trying to help them? why don't we go aid all the third world countries with all the disease and starvation before we go take over rich countries for their oil. geez louise.
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I would love to put my thoughts in our fabulous-o community but I need to be able to post things and I don't know how.

Anyways, I really think Farenheit 9/11 is going to be a great movie. I read Michael Moore's last book, Stupid White Men, and I really like his style and his passion. I am disgusted at what's been happening the last few years with George W. in the White House. The whole thing in Iraq was totally unnecessary and severed important ties with other countries and NATO. And the prison abuse scandal infuriates me. No wonder so many other nations hate us. I would never want any of our troops tortured like the prisoners from Iraq and Afghanistan. I'm also concerned about religion. I just read an article in Time about it and I don't think religion should have anything to do with political decisions. The government has no right to make any laws banning abortion or gay marriages.

I love watching the Daily Show. I think everyone should watch it. I wish I had HBO so I could still watch Politically Incorrect with Bill Maher. Since the upcoming election is so important to me, I want to do something to contribute to the cause. I don't particularly like any one candidate but I know I'll vote for John Kerry just because he's the person I'd rather see as our president. So that's my goal-to be actively involved with his campaign.
when you go to post a regular entry, there's a little box with an arrow alongside it, and if you click the arrow it will show the communities you are in. click whichever you want to post in. (i think you may have to click more options but gauranteed it's there) oh and it says your user name -default or something like that.

agreed, didn't we already agree about religion being SEPERATE from the government? yeah...i think so.

i don't have HBO, never have.

yeah i can't vote or anything...all i can do is watch and throw things.
Rachel's mom told me that on August 6th, teenagers arent allowed in Lakeside mall without a parent. how stupid. they say bc its turning into a "hang out spot" instead of going there to shop. and then they're bad kids n shiz, but what about us good teenagers? helloooo, we're getting jibt.

lalalalaa =)
ooh yes, i know! that pisses me off SO BADLY! it's not fair at all it reminds me of a report i did in 6th grade about anyone under 18 having to be accompanied by a parent to the mall of america, and it makes no sense...think about kids who have parents who work all the time and can't take them, think about the kids with bad environments at home that they go to the mall to escape, your damning them to their homes? and it's one less place for kids to go where they really can't do anything that bad. i mean, if they keep cutting places for us to go, more kids are going to end up just hanging around no where in particular, bored with nothing to do, which happens to be another reason for kids to do drugs. it's so stupid, what have kids done wrong at the mall anyway? oh wow, we're loud and laugh a lot, we sometimes cause a scene but jesus christ it's not a fucking crime to be loud